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About WProduction
W&P is the W Production House, born in the 21st century, having attractive perspective based on advertisements, music videos, television shows, documentaries, as well as behind the scenes looks at movies and music videos making techniques.
It offers breath-taking productions using a high quality cinematic approach blended with high-end graphics and animation built in house.

W&P technical usage for cameras 16mm, 35mm and RED types where our team created hilarious productions end products. The company was formerly known as Waleed Nassif, the owner and CEO of W&P.
W&P, Beirut, Lebanon, Horsh Tabet, Point Center.
Creativity is the core of our image.

The national and international vision, development, treatment,and the production coverage all over Europe, South Africa and the Middle East, we make it happen and bring it closer to your eyes.

We are W&P, Raw Creations.
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